Data Feeds

Feed valuable data directly into your organization

DDMR has access to over 20 million panelists across dozens of sub-regions that span across the globe. With our data, you can leverage structured consumer behavior data for in-depth behavioral analysis or integration into your own products and services.


Data Development

Find ways to use and deploy your data resources

Many businesses do not realize how much data they currently have access to, nor have means of utilizing such data. DDMR can help you build data strategies for your consumer audiences, analyze data for internal use, or implement your data resources.


Data Consignment

Monetize your data assets

Data has become a powerful new revenue stream for most modern businesses. DDMR can help you monetize enterprise and consumer data assets for purchase, consignment, or broker services.


Data Sourcing

Solve complex data problems

While there may be a vast amount of data available in the world, it is no easy task to reap actionable insights from raw data alone. DDMR can help you source datasets and find solutions for complex dataset problems.


Custom Data Reports

Receive specialized reports for your needs

If your business lacks the data resources to sift through and analyze vast amounts of data, DDMR can help provide customized data feeds, reports, and dashboards specific to your data needs.

Research Solutions

Passive Metering

Collect granular digital consumer behavior data for your panelists on their laptop and desktop devices. Data is synthesized into a variety of formats and delivered raw or analyzed through our interface.

Panel Management

Manage your on-boarded panelists and keep track of their demographic, psychographic, and respondent data.

Panel Activation

Need help setting up passive metering? We can help you establish passive metering for your new and current panels.

Sample Fulfillment

Target your studies using our granular demographic and behavioral criteria.

Sample Supply-Side Optimization

Maximize your return on panelists by optimizing when, why, and how you activate them using our Supply-Side Optimization platform.

Panel Monetization

Need help monetizing panelists? We can help you optimize your passive metering for your panel and generate additional revenue streams.