Data Services

Data Feeds

Need data? We leverage structured consumer behavior data for in-depth behavioral analysis or integration into your own products and services.

Data Development

Have a consumer audience you want to monetize through data? We can help you build a monetizable data strategy that suits your needs.

Data Consignment

Have access to data you'd like to monetize? We can help you buy, consign, or broker your consumer and enterprise data assets.

Custom Data Reports

Need customized data reports? Whether you're in asset management, public relations, marketing, or market research, we can create a custom data feed, report, or dashboard tailored for your needs.

Data Sourcing

Have a specific question you're trying to answer or dataset you're trying to find? We can help you source it.

Research Solutions

Passive Metering

Collect granular digital consumer behavior data for your panelists on their laptop and desktop devices. Data is synthesized into a variety of formats and delivered raw or analyzed through our interface.

Panel Management

Manage your on-boarded panelists and keep track of their demographic, psychographic, and respondent data.

Panel Activation

Need help setting up passive metering? We can help you establish passive metering for your new and current panels.

Sample Fulfillment

Target your studies using our granular demographic and behavioral criteria.

Sample Supply-Side Optimization

Maximize your return on panelists by optimizing when, why, and how you activate them using our Supply-Side Optimization platform.

Panel Monetization

Need help monetizing panelists? We can help you optimize your passive metering for your panel and generate additional revenue streams.

Industry Overview

Data has become a primary value driver for every successful business. However, not every business has the same access to data. A core principle of DDMR is to lower the barriers to data insights, and we help businesses in various industries gain an advantage over their peers with our data services and resources.


Hedge Funds

Gain a competitive edge over other funds with our unique datasets. Conduct multivariate analysis and understand what drives consumer behavior and market trends to improve your investment strategies.


Brand Marketers

Brand recognition can mean the difference between making or losing a sale. Measure the effectiveness of your brand compared to that of competitors and find solutions to optimize your branding strategy.


Performance Marketers

Keywords can be a significant expense in any marketing plan. Optimize paid advertisements by analyzing which keywords trigger the highest conversion rates and impressions.


Public Relations

Public relations publications can be very costly and ineffective if used improperly. Monitor the reach and viewership of your PR publications to improve your marketing strategies.


Market Research

Online consumer behavior has become one of the most valuable data sources to identifying market trends. Analyze reports from panelists to detect and predict trends in the market so you can position yourself ahead of the competition.



Online shopping has become the dominant form of purchasing goods and services. Obtain key insights on product drivers to drive your sales past your competitors.


Data Platform

Data consumption is increasing at a massive rate, and businesses are on the hunt for higher quality and quantity of data. Feed our high quality data from over 20 million panelists into your platform for use by your customers.

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