About Us


Bring safe, private data to the web

DDMR was founded on one simple premise: richer data can lead to the development of higher quality, more practical, and more enjoyable products for our users.

In mid 2012, after selling their display advertising technology business, a couple of ad-tech industry veterans got together to reflect on what really drove value in the ad ecosystem. It was crystal clear: highly targeted user data and the ability to turn that data into actionable insights increased the value of advertising considerably for all parties involved. We've set out to build a business that leverages extensive, longitudinal analysis of our users' demographic and behavioral data to drive the design and implementation of products that would most tightly fit their wants and needs.

So in December, 2012, DDMR set out to leverage deep data insights to drive the design, creation, distribution, and monetization of a portfolio of web products. By understanding, with depth, the behaviors and intents of internet users, DDMR is able to innovate in product spaces that have otherwise stayed stagnant. Today, millions of users around the world leverage DDMR portfolio properties to enhance their productivity, connectivity, capability, and entertainment.

Privacy and data usefulness are not mutually exclusive. Start with an extreme approach to privacy, and then see how the data can be made useful.

Our Guiding principle